The Celluloid Gurus from The Netherlands love everything that's analogue! Like those vintage 8mm movies! They like to entertain the crowd with their huge collection of retro-erotic material, scifi, horror and B-movies. And the rattling sound of a whole bunch of 8mm-projectors... lovely! And also they like those big black round things with a hole in the middle. You might know them as vinyl records! Groovy soul, raw funk, surf, garage and beat, it's all put in a blender and makes a great mix together with the movies! We present you an evening of shocking and tearjerking entertainment!

These purists did numerous shows in the homeland and abroad, and performed at several festivals like for example the Lowlands Festival, Pinkpop and Dance Valley. Furthermore they provided visuals at shows for zZz, DeWolff, Fifty Foot Combo, Green Hornet and others..

The founders of The Celluloid Gurus are Joep Indemans and Ron Koerts. At the beginning of 2011 Joep ceased his activities for The Gurus. Ron found a brandnew partner in Harry Winkelmolen and since then they continue the activities. We like to thank Joep for his part in the existance of The Celluloid Gurus and say: IN CELLULOID WE TRUST!!

By the way, are you already familiar with the 2 other concept that The Celluloid Gurus provide?

STILLER DISKO: The very analogue version of the famous 'Silent Disco'! Don't expect high quality sound, switchable channels or wireless headphones. Hell no, this is all about the fun of getting entangled with the other persons around you. Good stuff for conversation with that nice boy or girl besides you! We use vintage army headphones and the music is the same as on regular shows, but no movies will be projected.

CELLULOID GUERRILLA: This is the original Celluloid Gurus concept brought to the road! From the inside of our van we can project on almost every object you like, a long as it is white! You don't need to provide us with a stage or p.a.system, because we bring our own! You can choose the guerrilla-style variation (projections on different locations and objects) or on a fixed location.


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